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To watch the videos without music, go to the bottom of the blog and pause the music on the music player.

I am blessed to have many people in my life that I love dearly! Take a peek at my life and my family's adventures!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A news report on the kiddos!

I thought I would share a couple news reports that were released on Trevor's family. Take a peek and see how my cute nieces and nephews are doing!

Front page of Salt Lake Tribune on Monday 7/13/10

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Proud Mamma~

Go A's. Go Brady!

So proud of Brady and his team. They won the Woodinville league, and are now in the Tournament of Champions, and are down to single elimination!

We have had so much fun watching him play this year. He is doing a great job and even though it takes up at least 3 days a week, we look forward to every game!
Next game is Thursday.....keep your fingers crossed!

Article on Trevor's Family~

For those of you interested LDS Living just did and article on Trevor and his family. Here is the link if you would like to read it....Enjoy! :o)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm still here!

Yes it has been hectic around here. Sick kiddos and running to baseball, dance, church activities, gymnastics and such! Wouldn't trade it for the world. After all I am living my dream. I have always said that as a little girl I dreamt of being a Mom and all that it had to offer!

In just about a week I am heading to the "Owl City" concert with a bunch of super cute teenage girls. (WHY DIDN'T I THINK TO BRING ALONG ONE OF MY BUDDIES?) Then my family and I are headed to Idaho to spend some time with our family! WOOHOO! The kids are so excited to meet their new cousins. We are excited to spend time with everyone. HAPPY EASTER!

Monday, March 1, 2010

What a weekend!

What a weekend we had. We received the news that our friend Jake had passed away on Tuesday of last week. Byron and I packed up the car and headed to Salt Lake last Wednesday evening. While in Salt Lake we were able to visit with Jami and her family, Brandon and his family and Barry and his family~ What fun! We attended Jake's viewing on Friday evening and his funeral on Saturday. After the funeral we drove up to Idaho to see my Mom, Step-Dad and Trevor's family. What a bunch of cuties! We had so much fun visiting with everyone. (Missed my Dad though.) The video and pictures say it all!

Upon returning we picked up the kids, (who by the way I am so proud of for being so good!) and spent the evening watching home videos.

We will miss Jake and treasure the memories that we had with him. Through it all it has once again confirmed how important everyday is and has reminded us to live every moment to it's fullest. Smile more, laugh more, love more. We hear it all the time but REALLY- they are words to live by!

(* You can scroll down to the bottom of the screen to turn off the music while watching the video if you would like. You can also make the video larger by clicking on the bottom right hand square that shows up on the video itself!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heaven's new angel~

Yesterday morning a friend of ours passed away after a sudden and short bout with cancer. He was diagnosed with rectal cancer just over five weeks ago. After surgery he started chemo. His body had a really bad reaction to the chemo and within days went into septic shock. He was an amazing man who loved his family, cherished his friends, and LOVED life. He had 4 children, the oldest is 14. I know he is in a wonderful place right now but my heart aches for his family.
May God bless them and allow Jake to peek in from time to time. :o)

Monday, February 22, 2010


Mortality~ Funny how we think about it all the time but hardly ever. Love Ya Jake! We already miss you.

Friday, February 19, 2010


What a nice day I had today. I spent the day at the park today with some of my favorite people. Ker, Julie, Juleen, Lezlie and Angie, (even if I only saw them for a minute!) My kids actually had a really good time despite the fact that they are 7, 11 and 14! It seems that at about 5 or 6 they start to loose interest but today was great. Brady and his friend Lukas skateboarded and wow! Those boys have no fear! They rode down the hill and around the trail at a nerve racking speed. It was actually kind of funny to watch the looks on the faces of the Moms with young children. They looked at the boys as if they were a little annoyed that they were using the trail to skateboard. :) I remember feeling like I had to protect my little ones from the "big boys" who were riding recklessly around the little ones. My how time does fly!

Julie and I sat on the grass and soaked in the warm sunshine as Sydnee and Shaelyn (Julie's daughter,) rode around on their bikes. Sydnee had to go to the bathroom, which was on the other side of the park of course. I told her that she needed to hop on her bike and go quickly so she didn't have an accident. She told me, "It's OK Mom! I have yellow shorts on anyway!"
From the mouth of babes! Except she isn't really a baby anymore! Hehehe! But she is our little comedian and always has something off the wall or quick witted to say.

Karli and Shelby, (Julie's oldest daughter,) spent the time taking pictures of themselves. (Of course.) This has become a favorite past time of theirs. :) Too cute.

What a nice relaxing day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good morning world

So I woke up this morning feeling so good. Do you ever have those mornings when it feels like spring...even though it isn't? We have had some beautiful sunshine this week and WOW what a difference it makes. Bummer! Where is it this morning? I know it's coming. We are suppose to see SUNSHINE for the next few days! The daffodils are almost 3/4 of the way up and some of the cherry trees are actually starting to bloom! (Isn't it too early for that?) Bring it on! LOVE the signs of SPRING!

Now, I'm off to do a little bit of work, celebrate Julie's birthday and enjoy the kids time off of school!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yes, I love my family too!

HAHA! So I finally posted a slideshow of some of my own children! I have such a great family and extended family and I love them and miss them all. I keep trying to tell everyone the grass is greener here in Seattle but no one will listen!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Just for fun...I posted some pics of some of my Valentine's Day decor on my design blog! Check it out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A couple things

I talked to Lindsay today. The kids are doing well. She did extensions in their hair today! So cute! As you can tell by the new pictures added to the slideshow, they look so much healthier! Way to go Trev and Linds!

Also, I wanted to update you on the 10 kids that were unable to board the plane when Trevor and Lindsay left. Their paperwork wasn't totally done so they had to stay behind. As of today all but one is now on American soil! YAY! So happy for the families.

Here are a couple great articles worth reading! Take a peek. They all have direct connections to Trevor and Lindsay. One tells the story behind the story of bringing the children home on the flight they came in on-

Friday, February 5, 2010

Home at last!

Here are some great pictures of the entire family their first week at home! I spoke to Lindsay last night. She shared some very cute stories with me. She said that the kids are adjusting as expected.

Gabrielle,(8) sits with Madalyn and teaches her how to navigate the internet.

Lindsay says the kids love music. Daddy plays his guitar for the kids as they dance. They are ALL loving this special time with Daddy.

Trevor made Rootbeer floats for the kids tonight and they thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Gage, (4) has taught all the kids to lay on their bellies and slide head first down the carpeted stairs. (Carpet is a fairly new concept as well!) Lindsay says they spend hours doing this!

Lindsay is fighting pneomonia and they are all "detoxing" from being in Haiti! But couldn't be happier to have all of the children under one roof!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

News Report Post

I am grouping all of the news articles into one posting. It will help clean up my sidebar a bit...if you want to refer back to these just search for the News report post! :o)

KSL Articles

Deseret News Articles

Hans Mardy Video

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New article-

Here is another article that you may be interested in. Kind of cool!
By the favorite Haiti stalker sent this to me! Love ya~ :o)


It feels like spring! My tulips and daffodils are popping through the ground. Yay! And did you notice the sunrise today? It was beautiful.

Trevor's children are home from Haiti and life is getting back to normal for me...(whatever that means!) I can't wait to hear more stories about their arrival at home in Pocatello. Of course I will share some of them with you too. :)

On the kid front: Karli and a couple friends started a fundraiser at school to aid in the Haiti relief. They have raised over $3000.00 so far! Way to go!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Arrived in Salt Lake

Check out the link to to see the arrival of Trevor and his family from Miami!
See sidebar under News Articles- KSL 2/1/10

Sunday, January 31, 2010

So cute!

Just wanted to quickly share a cute story Lindsay shared with me about the kids. She said that as they were checking into the hotel in Miami last night, the kids were laughing and giggling. When she looked over they were standing in front of the automatic doors laughing as they opened and closed. They would step away and then forward again to cause them to open. They have never seen anything like it! They thought is the funniest thing. So cute!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


They are officially free and clear! They are now on their own and ready to start their journey here in America. Trevor says they are arranging flights and should be home in a couple days. There are 3 beautiful children waiting at home to welcome home their new siblings!

Crapo Family
Established January 30, 2010
Trevor, Lindsay
Gabrielle, Gavin
Gage, Sawyer
Sofie, Gracie
Madalyn and Kenyon


GOOD Morning!

Trevor was up until about 4:30 am this morning. They were trying to coordinate paperwork and the logistics of where the children were going to stay. Originally they were told that they would have to place all of the children in foster care until all of the paperwork was processed. Trevor is a family councelor and understands the toll that these situations can take on children...much more than any of us do. He was extremely concerned about the negative effect the seperation would be on the children after they had been with them for the last week and 1/2. Lets just say that he spoke loud enough to be heard. :) They placed all of the children in a sort of group home and they were able to stay with them as well.

By this morning they had gone through all of the paperwork. Made sure it was all there, signed and submitted. He said they are good to go! They are just waiting on the all clear before they can leave.

They don't know when that will be. Today maybe? Tomorrow? Once they are clear they will have to arrange flights to get home. This is a little dissapointing as the original flight was covered and was suppose to take them back to SLC. is all doable! They are here safe and sound!

When I talked to Trevor this morning I could hear a definate change in his voice. He sounded calm.

I hope that today will be a day that they can feel peace and joy. Even though they are still helping with all 66 children, I hope they can relax and enjoy the kids on some level today.

Can you image what it is going to be like once everyone is gone and it's just the 7 of them climbing into that van at the SLC airport? What it will be like when the doors shut and they realize they are really going home!

There are some beautiful pictures on the Deseret News link on the sidebar in todays article-1/30/10.

I will continue to update as I receive information and let you know how the children are doing in the coming days, weeks and months! This is only the beginning!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Call from Miami

Lindsay just called. They are in Miami. The kids have to stay until all paperwork is processed and cleared. Working on getting the paperwork to them now. I will update when I have more.


I saw you bud! You look great! Trevor is in this news clip. He is carrying a baby in a white onesie and has an army green colored shirt on. SO PROUD TO CALL YOU MY BROTHER! Posted the clip on the sideboard...under KSL.

In Miami

The plane landed in Miami at 7:10 p.m.

On the plane!

I decided to take my kids to the park and play baseball with them this afternoon! While there at exactly 1:35 I received a text from Lindsay-"Leaving now...will text when in FL. TELL EVERYONE WE ARE COMING HOME!!!"

We were all so excited we couldn't stand it!

Wow! I can't believe it is really happening! 66 children boarded the flight and are headed for Miami! AMERICAN SOIL!

As a sidenote- There are still many children that couldn't come home today. We are hoping that they will be on their way in the coming days. We will not forget about them. We will still keep them in our prayers...please do the same! :)


There are no words...just see the link on the sidebar- "Today's article in Deseret News"


I hope I am not jumping the gun here but oh well if I am! :o)
I am doing my best to focus on cleaning my house, preparing lunch, doing know all of the things that I honesty NOW think we are truely blessed to do, but......I can't focus!!! I have butterflies. What are they thinking? How are they feeling? What are they going to think when they step off of the plane and into a new world? Are they scared? Are they excited? What are they going to think when they see the beautiful home that Trevor and Lindsay have prepared for them? The fridge full of food! The soft warm beds!

AHHH! So excited. Can't wait to meet my littel angels!

OK...Now the more cool and collected side of me-
I know there will be a process that will have to be followed once they land in the US. It may be several days before they are actually home in Idaho. We are awaiting the details and I will share when I can!

"We are coming home"

What an emotional roller coaster! Last night things were not looking so good and this morning they are arranging to come home!

I do not have many details as of right now because they said they were so busy getting things ready to go they would give info a bit later. I am sure that they are really busy and filled with unbelievable joy! Last night there seemed to be another roadblock. There was some confusion about where their files had ended up and where the person was who was suppose to sign the final documents. It is my understanding that the US Ambassader had a meeting this morning with the Haitian gov. about some concerns of the process of getting the children out of Haiti. As you have seen, from day to day things change. It is my understanding...AND I DO STRESS....UNDERSTANDING that the French and Canadian Gov. have been able to get their children out of the country but the process for most Americans has been very difficult. There are several possible reasons for, the US told the Haitian Gov that they would honor their request to sign off on all adpoted children before they left the country. This of course makes sense and should be the case. I don't think however, that the French and Canadians had that agreement. But the problems lie in the unorganized structure of the government and process itself.

There was some confusion yesterday that the files were lost and that new copies needed to be made. They had been told that the Haitian official who was to sign off on the files had left the country and may not be back for a week. Late last night someone affiliated with the State Dept. spoke with Lindsay and she was informed that a meeting was to take place this morning regarding the adoption situation. It seems that the Haitian official was either back in town or had never left.

In true "Lindsay" style, she headed back down to the US Embassy this morning, as she has done every morning, to fight for these children.

This is the text I received this morning at 6:39 am- "It finally happened. We are coming home!"

Could it be?

Just got a text! "It finally happened. We are coming home!"
Details to follow!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What A Day!

So sorry that I didn't do a lengthy update today. To be honest I spent over 8 hours working on documents that Trevor and Lindsay needed done before the kids came home. (Starting at about 4 am.) Of course this was a new thing that came up due to the changes that were made in the last couple days. Due to the fact that they are in Haiti and all of the info that was required was here and on their computer etc. we needed to do it for them. After my Dad and I basically invaded bank accounts, emails, etc....(with their blessing of course!) we finally finished the necessary documents late this afternoon. To say the least I am very tired and while I have a lot to share I must simply get some rest. I will see you in the morning!


There has been some progress. More families have recieved clearance and they are still shooting to catch the flight tonight. They are remaining hopeful because it may be hard to arrange another flight of this kind. I have been up since 3 am working on documentation that they need sent in for when they arrive here in the US. Between my Mom, Dad and myself we have a couple hours of paperwork ahead of us so I will post when I have more info! ;o)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moving forward again

All five kids have made it past the new regulations along with over 20 others! Yippee! They are more than 1/2 way there. Trevor said they rescheduled the flight for Saturday in hopes that all will be ready by then. Once all of the children have cleared the new Humanitarian Parole Regulations, the last step is to get the final go ahead from the Haitian government. (Whatever that means!) ;o)

As for the report on NBC Nightly News, the children they showed were from Foyer De Sion but they didn't air Trevor's interview. Oh well. We were happy to see those cute little kiddos!

On a personal note- I may start posting some of my projects again. I will continue my daily updates on Trevor and Lindsay but I do need to get back to work! ;) Just ignore the projects if you are not interested!

Keep the prayers coming. We won't rest until they are all on American soil!


It sounds like Foyer De Sion might be on the NBC Nightly News tonight. Trevor said they were headed out today to do a report and they think it will air tonight. Feel free to watch for it!


I received a call at 4:00 this morning. Lindsay was on the other end and I could hear all of the children in the background. She said that they were given the information yesterday that the paperwork was being processed and that each individual family had to receive direct clearance before it would be finalized. Meaning, the State Dept. is calling each family in the States as their papers receive clearance. As of now 5 of the families of the 45 children (I think this is the actual number now,) have received the clearance. Trevor and Lindsay are still awaiting word on their 5. They need to wait until all of the families get word before they can leave. Lindsay went to the Embassy yesterday and the people at the Embassy had not been briefed on the updates so there was a lot of confusion around the new process. This is why we had no information last night. Lindsay is hoping that this morning everyone is on board and understands the new process. So as of right now, it is a waiting game. Waiting for the go ahead.

Deseret News went to the Orphanage yesterday and they have published their article in the Deseret news this morning. I have linked to the article on the sidebar. There are several pictures in the article and Lindsay is in about three of them. She is wearing an orange shirt and has long brown hair. One of the first pictures is of Hans Mardy, Gesno's brother. He is the man who has been on TV a couple times and who is in the link I posted on the sidebar. He is staying with them at the Orphanage.

I read Lindsay the article this morning. She was laughing because they printed her title wrong and quoted her as saying "We are fighting like Hell to get these kids out of here." She said..."Nice! Of all the things I said, they had to put that in there! My Mom will be so proud!" Too funny!

Anyway, if by some miracle they can keep the flight that is planned for Thursday, they will be home Friday. They have people who have served missions in Haiti scheduled to be on the flight to help them with the children. If they do not receive clearance by then they may have to come up with another plan.

Lindsay said that yesterday she was taking a shower....(I use those terms lightly.) A shower that consisted of standing in the shower with a bucket of cold water. As she was in the shower a tremor hit and she was just praying that the floor of the shower wouldn't fall through and have her land on the 1st floor in all of her glory. :o) She said if I die in an accident please let me at least be fully clothed!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Headed to the Embassy

Just spoke with Lindsay. They met with the State Dept this morning and they explained that the Haitian government is still in support of getting the kids out but they are requireing more documentation and a few other things before they will allow them to leave. As you have seen on the news, many people have been able to get their children but because of the lack of order and using the right channels to do so- it raised some red flags for UNISEF and the Haitian government. (Understandable!) They were given a long list of required documentation. Lindsay and her group have EVERY required document that they need for each child. This includes Madalyn! The Haitain government is also requiring to meet with or see each child before they will finalize their release.

They are on their way to the Embassy as we speak...(she called from the car.) Lindsay says they are hopeful that somehow they will be able to have the paperwork finished and the children ready to go for their Thursday flight!
She said it seems to be 3 steps forward and 2 steps back but they are on a step forward and they feel good at this moment.

Will post soon when I hear back from them!

New text from Trevor-

Trevor just texted me... It sounds like they are now moving forward! This is what he said- "We are back in business...WHOO HOO! I will give you details once I get them. Headed back to the Embassy now. Prayers are being answered!"


I am anxiously awaiting word from Trevor this morning and hoping for the best! Also, Trevor mentioned that CNN may be coming to the Orphanage today to do an interview. I will let you know if I hear anything but keep your eyes peeled just in case they pop up on CNN. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010


I am feeling a bit better now. I talked to Trevor and Lindsay this evening and we were able to find a link to some official words on the temporary freeze to add to the info they already have. It sounds like Haiti is working with UNISEF to make sure that all adpotions are being processed properly...(which is what we figured,) but that it could be a short term freeze. Trevor is very hopeful that it will be up and running very soon and is even hoping for tomorrow. On the sidebar I have posted a link to the Joint Council's website where they explain the freeze. They are urging all adpotive parents to continue preparing for the humanitarian parole process.

Trevor and Lindsay shared stories of the amazing spirit of the Haitain people. She told me that today she played soccer with the children. They laughed and giggled and had a wonderful time! She also said that she was able to sit with about 15 kids and share a Coca Cola with them. She said she would hold up the Coke and the children would sing..."COCA COLA...COCA COLA!" and then they would each take a sip of the Coke. This continued until the cola was gone. What joy from such a simple thing!


I talked to Lindsay a couple hours ago. They headed down to the Embassy this morning ready to sign the paperwork and then begin the process of physically moving the kids out of Haiti. They have a flight that is ready to go on Thursday to take ALL of them to SLC. They waited in line for quite awhile and when it was their turn no one really came to help them. Finally someone came to them and told them to go back to the Orphanage because the Haitian govenment has put a freeze on the Humanitarian Parole and they couldn't help them. REALLY! After all of this!?!

Hillary Clinton had a meeting with the Haitian government this afternoon regarding the adoption freeze. We are praying that she is able to get something done so that we can move forward! Lindsay says she plans to go back to the Embassy tomorrow morning and try again hoping that something has changed.

I know I sound like a broken record but I don't know what else to do but ask everyone to pray that those babies will be able to come home! Trevor and Lindsay have spent 3 years VALIANTLY fighting for these children! Hitting road block after road block. I don't know of anything that they haven't done to try to make this happen. PRAYERS!

I asked Lindsay what they were planning on doing this afternoon. She said that they were all headed over to the church to help the people who are living under so called "tents" at the church. Lindsay said that many of them have nothing more than a sheet tented for their shelter.

On a positive note I was able to talk to Madalyn this afternoon. She is speaking english so well! She said "I love you Kelli." My heart just jumped with joy to finally be able to talk to her! I told her that I loved her too and that I couldn't wait to see her! Lindsay says that Madalyn is really worried that she will not be able to come home but is otherwise doing well.

Please feel free to share this with everyone you know. We need all the prayers that we can get. I hope to have better news tomorrow.


Yesterday Trevor and Lindsay had an adoptive Father come in to find his daughter that he has been trying to adopt for some time now. It is my understanding that the girl went in someone took her. Yesterday they got word that of where she might be. They were able to locate her and they found that her biological father had taken her and he decided he was no longer going to let her be adopted. The poor Father who had invested so much of his time and had grown to love this little girl will now have to return home without her and will not be able to adopt her. I don't have anymore details about this case. Just that Lindsay said it was terribly sad.

I haven't shared this with anyone on the blog but about a month or so ago, Gesno's 2 year old son was kidnapped while they were at church. I cannot go into any detail right now but there was some confusion yesterday, due to the bad phone connection, that they may have found his son. It turned out to be this little girl whom they had also been looking for. This poor family has been through so much tragedy and heartbreak over the last few weeks. They believe he may still be alive. I hope and pray that another miracle will happen for Gesno's family and they will have their son home soon!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Update

I talked to Trevor this morning. They are doing well. Not much to update today. They are anxiously awaiting the meeting tomorrow where they will be able finalize the humanitarian parole paperwork and see who will be coming home with them. They are in the process of trying to find a straight flight from Haiti to SLC. Obviously this would be much better for all of them so that they can avoid the process of changing planes and so forth with 70+ children. :)

I hope that today they were able to rest a bit and enjoy the children! (REST- doubtful!)

Will post news tomorrow. :) Please pray that all of the children will be able to come home.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Count your blessings

Good Morning! So let me begin by sharing the story of Gesno's brother...(Gesno is the director of the orphanage.) He has actually been on TV a couple times since the earthquake. His name is Hans Mardy. He was the one that responded to the horrible remarks that Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson made about Haiti.....(You can see his response on the sidebar). Take a minute to view it. It is so inspiring! He was also interviewed by Larry King. Trevor and Lindsay know and love this man. They have gotten to know Gesno's family over the last couple years. After their amazing flight...(a story for another time), they landed in Haiti. As they stepped out of the plane, there sitting on the floor was Hans. Neither one had any idea that they would be there but it just happened that they ran into each other at the airport. Lindsay said she ran up to him with tears in her eyes and gave him a huge hug. She said it was such a blessing to see him. As they left the airport she said they walked around a building that was still standing and as they walked around the building suddenly this vast abyss of destruction was as far as the eye could see. I asked her what it was like. She said "You know it is bad. You see it on TV. It looks horrible on TV. If you take the images you see on TV and times it by a thousand it still doesn't compare."

Trevor and Lindsay traveled to the orphanage to see their children. They said they look good and were so relieved to touch them and hug them. Trevor stayed at the orphanage with all of the children and Lindsay and one of the other women she was with went to the Embassy to begin the process of the kids release. Lindsay said there were what looked like thousands of people outside of the Embassy. As they went inside she said hundreds of children are LIVING inside Embassy. Soldiers are bringing them food and water. I know we have all heard this but remember that over 50% of Haitians are children under the age of 18. The number of children that have no family has increased significantly. These children have nowhere to go. No one to take care of them physically but even worse, no one to take care of them emotionally. They must be so traumatized. Haiti will need our love, support and prayers for MANY years to come.
She said it was so heartbreaking. People were begging them to help them get out of Haiti and there was nothing she could do to help them.

As they met with the woman at the Embassy, she (the Embassy worker), took the stack of paperwork that they had prepared for each child. She was stunned at the organization of the paperwork. She said that if everyone would be able to be as organized as they were it would completely change the time it is taking to process the humanitarian parole. She then told Lindsay that it would be significantly faster if they had also had wallet size photos of each of the 50-60 children they were trying to process. Well....during Christmas, Lindsay had made little ornaments with all of the children's pictures on them. She had duplicates of most of the pictures and she just happened to grab them on her way out of her house and put them in here backpack. She opened her backpack and pulled out all the pictures for all but about 10 of the children. The woman was amazed.

They will be meeting again early next week to hopefully finalize the paperwork. We are hoping that by mid week they will be home.

Lindsay said they are sleeping outside in sleeping bags on the "driveway" of the orphanage. She had rice for dinner and was exhausted by the end of the day. Trevor told my Mom that this has forever changed his life. He said, "You know Mom, in America we spend our lives focused on trying to get a better job, make more money and trying to get better things." That is not important. It's just not important. I am forever changed."

I am so proud of Trevor and Lindsay. I too have forever changed. I have not experienced this tragedy at the same level as Trevor and Lindsay but we should all be forever changed by the small window that we have been looking through on TV. We are all one big family and this is really happening. It is happening as we sit in our nice warm homes. As we sit on our comfortable sofas, eat our warm tasty food and crawl into our cozy beds at night. Even without a roof over our head and food in our bellies, we are in paradise compared to what they are going through. I hope we never forget.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Talked to Lindsay

I actually got thru to Lindsay tonight. After trying several times her very hoarse, exhausted voice answered! She and her friend spent the entire day at the Embassy. She said there are 2...yes I said TWO people working on all of the paperwork for the orphans that are trying to get visas. Not just the ones they are trying to get out...I mean ALL of the orphans in Haiti that are trying to get out!

Unfortunately they have now put a halt on issueing visas. They will only grant the humanitarian parole without a visa. Although this will be another issue to have to work out after the children are home, the most important thing at this point is to just get them out of there.

Many, many miracles have happened for them today. I have so many things to share with you- and I will. I am just so tired right now that I will have to post in the morning. But know that they are doing well. They are safe!

Friday Afternoon

We just heard from Trevor. There have been 2 more tremors today. He says that he is still at the Orphanage and Lindsay is at the Embassy. She has been there since 7 am Haiti time trying to get all of the paperwork in order. My Mom actually talked to him and the call was broken up but he says he is a bit concerned that they may not let Madalyn leave. She is the 16 year old.

In Haiti when a child turns 16 they age out of the adoption process. Even though Trevor and Lindsay had been in the process of adoption with her for well over 1 1/2 years, she turned 16 and they were then told that they couldn't adopt her. Their plan at that point was to send her to school to learn english...(which they have done) and then try to later get her over here on a school visa. They promised her that no matter how long it took or old she was that they would get her home. Because of the earthquake their understanding was that because they had already started the process that there would be a very good chance to bring her out. I think that the question now lies in what the peramiters are with humanitarian parole.

Please pray for this little girl! Pray that she will not have to watch her now brothers and sisters leave without her.

I will let you know more as the info comes.

New update

We just heard from Trevor. He says that he is still at the Orphanage and Lindsay is at the Embassy. She has been there since 7 am Haiti time trying to get all of the paperwork in order. My Mom actually talked to him and the call was broken up but he says he is a bit concerned that they may not let Madalyn leave. She is the 16 year old.

In Haiti when a child turns 16 they age out of the adoption process. Even though Trevor and Lindsay had been in the process of adoption with her for well over 1 1/2 years, she turned 16 and they were then told that they couldn't adopt her. Their plan at that point was to send her to school to learn english...(which they have done) and then try to later get her over here on a school visa. They promised her that no matter how long it took or old she was that they would get her home. Because of the earthquake their understanding was that because they had already started the process that there would be a very good chance to bring her out. I think that the question now lies in what the peramiters are with humanitarian parole.

Please pray for this little girl! Pray that she will not have to watch her now brothers and sisters leave without her.

I will let you know more as the info comes.


Yes it is 5:20 am. I am NEVER up this early but I received a call at 4:45 this morning that Trevor and Lindsay have arrived in Haiti. They are all safe and are with the children. Grandpa even got to talk to Madalyn this morning! Trevor's cell phone is working great but wouldn't you know that he left his charger in their vehicle at the airport in Salt Lake! They do have a satellite phone with them but it is VERY expensive to use and the reception isn't great. So the updates may be few but I assure you I will post as I get any.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Angels among us

Still no word. I am not even sure what time their flight was suppose to land. Trevor was suppose to give me the flight info but as you can imagine they were up all night last night packing and preparing to leave this morning. Not to mention the fact that they have 3 other children at home! ;o) So I am sitting here waiting and feeling very anxious. Also feeling very excited for the phone call where I hear the words "WE GOT 'EM!"

So I wanted to take a moment and send a very humble and heartfelt "Thank You", to all of you for your amazing generosity, love and support. I know that many of you do not know Trevor and Lindsay. Some of you are my freinds, some of you don't even know me. Even so, you have invested your time, your energy and money in my family. Thank you just isn't enough. I know that this journey is just beginning for Trevor and Lindsay. There will be diffucult times and there will be joyful times for them. I just want you to know that everything you have done for them has richly blessed them and you have made an impact on those little children. The financial help that has been coming in will help them get these children here. It will help them get the children any emergency medical care that they may need and more. You will forever be part of Madalyn, Gracie Kelli, Sophie, Sawyer and Kenyon's lives.

Thank you and I will keep you posted!

Flying out

Trevor and Lindsay flew out of Salt Lake this morning. It sounds like they JUST made the flight after driving in a snow storm to get there. They will be traveling all day today so it is unlikely that we will hear from them until this evening. PRAY FOR A SAFE FLIGHT and I will post more when we get any updates!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just talked to Trevor and he said all of the kids are OK after the the latest aftershock of 6+. HANG ON KIDS!

Notes from Lindsay

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
On a Wing and a Prayer....

I am going into Haiti....I have goal is to bring as many kids as I possibly can out of the country...I can't tell you the amount of prayers I am going to keep us safe, that USCIS will have softened hearts...and grant all the kids Humanitarian Parole and or Visa's....

With ALL OF THE BLESSINGS and miracles you have created for the people who have donated, helped with flights, prayed unceasingly, showed up with checks and cash taped to my door....YOU ARE MY are HELPING save not only my children but potentially many ....Bless you all...

Please , Please Pray....


Here we go!

Late last night we got the word that Trevor and Lindsay are going to fly to Haiti. They will be flying out Thursday morning and are headed for the US Embassy in Haiti. They will be with a small group of people and have been able to arrange some sort of security. Their goal is to get as many kids as they can who are in the process of US adoption and get them out of there. They will be focusing on three different orphanages. She said there were about 65 children they will try to rescue. They are in the process of coming up with safe ways to get the children from point A to the Embassy. They are hoping to reunite the children with their adopted parents just as soon as they reach American soil. I know that this sounds like an undoable task but we know that miricles happen! I am sure that they will be blessed! We are praying for their safety and the safe return with the children.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Humanitarian Parole has been granted and like I said things are still getting worked out. Meanwhile the situation in Haiti is still very dire and on one hand is becoming very unstable due to the looting and lack of organized security. These children will remain in their current situation until everything is organized for thier move. It is very important that there be a safe plan to transport and release these children. This letter was released from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. If you would take the time to email this into or call your State Representative TODAY it could help determine thier safety and how quickly they can safely leave Haiti.

Here is a letter you can cut and paste and insert your specific information. I have made it very easy for you. I have created a link to a site that gives you contact info to your state reps. See sidebar for link.

Hello, my name is…
My … (FRIENDS) Trevor and Lindsay Crapo or just freinds if you prefer.

I know that many Members of Congress continue to support efforts on behalf of Haiti’s orphaned children. I extend my thanks to the Congressman/Senator.
I am calling because…

* We need your help to get our adoptive child out of Haiti safely.
* Water, food and medicine are running out.
* Gangs have looted some of the orphanages and even travel is not safe for the children.
* The Department of Homeland security has granted humanitarian parole, but it is only the first step.
* The devastation from the earthquake is vast and our child’s safety - and even life - is at risk.

Joint Council on International Children’s Services, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, and a team of congressional offices and relief organizations are working to coordinate a staging and housing center to provide:

* Physical safety
* Medicine
* Food
* Water
* A Staging Center for USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to process humanitarian parole

The groups working to launch the staging and housing center already have most of what the children need.
But they do not have

* Water
* Security to protect the children and supplies from gangs
* Transportation to bring the children into this safe haven

We are asking that (name of Member of Congress) personally call:

* Secretary of State Clinton, and
* Dr. Shah, Administrator Designate at USAID

And specifically request that they authorize security forces be sent to the offered staging center and assist in the extraction and transport of these children from their orphanages to the staging center. All other pieces of a successful operation of this staging center are currently in place, but all hinge on this authorization of security and transport.

If this security does not reach the site within 24 hours, children being adopted and many other children will continue to suffer and may in fact not live long enough to be united with my family and the other 300 U.S. families.

If the Member of Congress needs more information, please have them contact:

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute

Today's update

Lindsay has not slept yet since yesterday! She has been on the phone all night trying to get info and all the logistics that need to happen to bring these little angels home. So far no concrete info on when, where or how but it is being worked on. AND they send thier love to all of you for all of your kind words, prayers and support! There are truely angels among us!

Monday, January 18, 2010


It is official! They have been granted humanitarian parole! They are coming home! Please read the previous post for info on getting them home. We need to raise some money for plane tickets. Even if you are unable to donate please feel free to post the blog address to your facebook page, email etc.


Lindsay and Trevor have recieved some VERY hopeful news regarding bringing thier children home. This is a message that she has sent out to friends and family and she gave me permission to share it with you.

We are the Crapo Family:
Trevor, Lindsay, Gabrielle, Gavin and Gage...this is only half of our family......Five children, that we have been trying to adopt for the last three and half years, Madalyn, Sophie,Gracie, Sawyer and Kenyon ...are right now in the mist of the Haiti earthquake in an Orphanage.
They are rationing what water have.

We have traveled to Haiti 12 with them in a hotel for 7 to 15 days at a time...we are thier Mama and Papa....the people they are expecting to come and rescue them....

We do not have the word ....YET. We feel so confident that it will happen soon. We have very close connections with the Department of State and Joint Council and we believe the kids WILL be able to come to the US. It is not a matter of if...but when.

We are doing our best not to go crazy with worry....Heavenly Father has preserved their lives, now we have to leave them in his arms for just a little longer.

If and when this is going to happen it's going to Happen FAST!

Being as self reliant as we have always tried to be...this is difficult.
There is no way for us to come up with the thousands of dollars it is going to take to get the kids here on our own, in the VERY short amount of time that we have been given....we had begun plans for a fundraiser over the next couple of months
to get the kids home. Now there is simply NOT enough time.

We are unsure of the exact number ...but we need to purchase plane tickets possibly from Port-au-Prince to Miami and then HOME to Idaho.
Pending on the medical status the children are in ...we may need to seek emergency care as soon as they are in the U.S.

When this does happen which we are VERY confident it will, it will happen quickly, we may have days or even hours notice.

It humbles us to ask for help....
We have anxiety doing so when so many people lie underneath the rubble in our childrens home country....but these are our five children in Haiti that have been effected by this catastrophic tragedy ....
Five Children that we can Save.....

You can also keep tabs on the Joint Council website they quickly rush to come to agreement with the Department of State their effort to get the children of American adoptive couples out of Haiti as soon as possible.

Thank you so much,
Lindsay Crapo

*If any of you feel that you would like to help them you can donate to the fund "BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME" by clicking on the "DONATE" button on the sidebar. Even if it is $5.00...every little bit helps. All money will go directly to helping bring these children home.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Latest news on Haiti

Just spoke with Lindsay and it sounds like the 3 groups of orphans have been able to become 2. Two of the groups are together at the orphanage that is still standing and the others are at one of the local churches. It sounds like they all have been given food and water that will last for a couple days. YAY! At least for now they have something in their little bellies.

On the adoption side of things: The Joint Council, who are the people who work with the State Dept. regarding adoptions, is working VERY hard to help bring these children home to families who are in the process of adoption.

Here is an excerpt from a letter that was sent out to several adopted families by a member of the Joint Council:

January 17, 2010 10:30 a.m.

"Yesterday a list of Haitian orphanages including their location and approximate number of children was presented to USAID by Congressman Jim Cooper. This effort to deliver emergency aid, continues to be a collaborative effort by many Members of Congress, non-profits, adoption service providers and adoptive families.

Thanks to everyone for this major effort.

Senator Mary Landrieu, Congressman Jim Cooper and other Congressional leaders have issued a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking for the Secretary’s consideration of Haitian orphans in the Department’s response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis. The letter details specific actions and includes a list of known Haitian orphanages.

We strongly supports the requests made in the letter including:

*consideration of humanitarian parole for children in the process of being adopted,

*the provision of temporary care in the U.S. for orphaned children,"

Your continued support and contact with your Stated Reps is greatly appreciated and so are your prayers!

Videos of some of the children

Aren't they beautiful! These videos were taken on one of Trevor and Lindsay's trips to Haiti last year.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi Friends-

It was my intention to post a new project this week but due to the recent disaster in Haiti my focus has changed. My Brother, Trevor, and his wife Lindsay, have been in the process of adopting 4 children in Haiti for the last 3 years and started the process with thier 5th one last year. They also work for the Orphanage in which their children reside. Lindsay leads parent trips to Haiti for the new parents who are also in the process of adoption. It has been a long week filled with prayer and a lot of emails, phones calls and news watching. The Orphanage has 3 buildings. 2 of which collapsed. Luckily Trevor and Lindsay's children are alive but the scarce food and water has kept all of us on our knees praying that food and water would reach them soon. As of a couple hours ago we received word that food arrived to one of the locations. We are still awaiting word that the other 2 locations have received the same. In the coming days I will post info on how you can help these children. We may be doing some sort of fundraiser as well. If you would take the time to visit the State dept. website and plead for an expedited adoption process for those families who have been working on bringing their children home it would really be helpful! You can find the address at the bottom of this post.
There is power in numbers. With the thousands of children who are newly orphaned because of the earthquake, the need is even more dire. We need to lessen the burden to care for these children and by bringing the adopted children home we can do this. It will only take 5 minutes of your time but can make a big impact! If you are interested in helping these orphans you can visit the website found at the bottom of the post- (Foyer de Sion)
Thank you and I will post again soon!