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Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday Trevor and Lindsay had an adoptive Father come in to find his daughter that he has been trying to adopt for some time now. It is my understanding that the girl went in someone took her. Yesterday they got word that of where she might be. They were able to locate her and they found that her biological father had taken her and he decided he was no longer going to let her be adopted. The poor Father who had invested so much of his time and had grown to love this little girl will now have to return home without her and will not be able to adopt her. I don't have anymore details about this case. Just that Lindsay said it was terribly sad.

I haven't shared this with anyone on the blog but about a month or so ago, Gesno's 2 year old son was kidnapped while they were at church. I cannot go into any detail right now but there was some confusion yesterday, due to the bad phone connection, that they may have found his son. It turned out to be this little girl whom they had also been looking for. This poor family has been through so much tragedy and heartbreak over the last few weeks. They believe he may still be alive. I hope and pray that another miracle will happen for Gesno's family and they will have their son home soon!


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