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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Latest news on Haiti

Just spoke with Lindsay and it sounds like the 3 groups of orphans have been able to become 2. Two of the groups are together at the orphanage that is still standing and the others are at one of the local churches. It sounds like they all have been given food and water that will last for a couple days. YAY! At least for now they have something in their little bellies.

On the adoption side of things: The Joint Council, who are the people who work with the State Dept. regarding adoptions, is working VERY hard to help bring these children home to families who are in the process of adoption.

Here is an excerpt from a letter that was sent out to several adopted families by a member of the Joint Council:

January 17, 2010 10:30 a.m.

"Yesterday a list of Haitian orphanages including their location and approximate number of children was presented to USAID by Congressman Jim Cooper. This effort to deliver emergency aid, continues to be a collaborative effort by many Members of Congress, non-profits, adoption service providers and adoptive families.

Thanks to everyone for this major effort.

Senator Mary Landrieu, Congressman Jim Cooper and other Congressional leaders have issued a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking for the Secretary’s consideration of Haitian orphans in the Department’s response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis. The letter details specific actions and includes a list of known Haitian orphanages.

We strongly supports the requests made in the letter including:

*consideration of humanitarian parole for children in the process of being adopted,

*the provision of temporary care in the U.S. for orphaned children,"

Your continued support and contact with your Stated Reps is greatly appreciated and so are your prayers!


Dozen Senses said...

What beautiful posts for a beautiful cause. Reading this on Martin Luther King Day makes me pause even more. The work he did helped make it possible for the statements in the letter from The Joint Council to ring true. Such as, the implied message that the United States is the best possible place for the suffering homeless Haitin children to receive "humanitarian parole" and "provision of temporary [or permanent] care." Thank you MLK and USA. And Thank You Haiti. Awareness of the way you survive your undeserved plight makes us better people too.

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