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Saturday, January 30, 2010

GOOD Morning!

Trevor was up until about 4:30 am this morning. They were trying to coordinate paperwork and the logistics of where the children were going to stay. Originally they were told that they would have to place all of the children in foster care until all of the paperwork was processed. Trevor is a family councelor and understands the toll that these situations can take on children...much more than any of us do. He was extremely concerned about the negative effect the seperation would be on the children after they had been with them for the last week and 1/2. Lets just say that he spoke loud enough to be heard. :) They placed all of the children in a sort of group home and they were able to stay with them as well.

By this morning they had gone through all of the paperwork. Made sure it was all there, signed and submitted. He said they are good to go! They are just waiting on the all clear before they can leave.

They don't know when that will be. Today maybe? Tomorrow? Once they are clear they will have to arrange flights to get home. This is a little dissapointing as the original flight was covered and was suppose to take them back to SLC. is all doable! They are here safe and sound!

When I talked to Trevor this morning I could hear a definate change in his voice. He sounded calm.

I hope that today will be a day that they can feel peace and joy. Even though they are still helping with all 66 children, I hope they can relax and enjoy the kids on some level today.

Can you image what it is going to be like once everyone is gone and it's just the 7 of them climbing into that van at the SLC airport? What it will be like when the doors shut and they realize they are really going home!

There are some beautiful pictures on the Deseret News link on the sidebar in todays article-1/30/10.

I will continue to update as I receive information and let you know how the children are doing in the coming days, weeks and months! This is only the beginning!


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