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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I received a call at 4:00 this morning. Lindsay was on the other end and I could hear all of the children in the background. She said that they were given the information yesterday that the paperwork was being processed and that each individual family had to receive direct clearance before it would be finalized. Meaning, the State Dept. is calling each family in the States as their papers receive clearance. As of now 5 of the families of the 45 children (I think this is the actual number now,) have received the clearance. Trevor and Lindsay are still awaiting word on their 5. They need to wait until all of the families get word before they can leave. Lindsay went to the Embassy yesterday and the people at the Embassy had not been briefed on the updates so there was a lot of confusion around the new process. This is why we had no information last night. Lindsay is hoping that this morning everyone is on board and understands the new process. So as of right now, it is a waiting game. Waiting for the go ahead.

Deseret News went to the Orphanage yesterday and they have published their article in the Deseret news this morning. I have linked to the article on the sidebar. There are several pictures in the article and Lindsay is in about three of them. She is wearing an orange shirt and has long brown hair. One of the first pictures is of Hans Mardy, Gesno's brother. He is the man who has been on TV a couple times and who is in the link I posted on the sidebar. He is staying with them at the Orphanage.

I read Lindsay the article this morning. She was laughing because they printed her title wrong and quoted her as saying "We are fighting like Hell to get these kids out of here." She said..."Nice! Of all the things I said, they had to put that in there! My Mom will be so proud!" Too funny!

Anyway, if by some miracle they can keep the flight that is planned for Thursday, they will be home Friday. They have people who have served missions in Haiti scheduled to be on the flight to help them with the children. If they do not receive clearance by then they may have to come up with another plan.

Lindsay said that yesterday she was taking a shower....(I use those terms lightly.) A shower that consisted of standing in the shower with a bucket of cold water. As she was in the shower a tremor hit and she was just praying that the floor of the shower wouldn't fall through and have her land on the 1st floor in all of her glory. :o) She said if I die in an accident please let me at least be fully clothed!


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