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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Angels among us

Still no word. I am not even sure what time their flight was suppose to land. Trevor was suppose to give me the flight info but as you can imagine they were up all night last night packing and preparing to leave this morning. Not to mention the fact that they have 3 other children at home! ;o) So I am sitting here waiting and feeling very anxious. Also feeling very excited for the phone call where I hear the words "WE GOT 'EM!"

So I wanted to take a moment and send a very humble and heartfelt "Thank You", to all of you for your amazing generosity, love and support. I know that many of you do not know Trevor and Lindsay. Some of you are my freinds, some of you don't even know me. Even so, you have invested your time, your energy and money in my family. Thank you just isn't enough. I know that this journey is just beginning for Trevor and Lindsay. There will be diffucult times and there will be joyful times for them. I just want you to know that everything you have done for them has richly blessed them and you have made an impact on those little children. The financial help that has been coming in will help them get these children here. It will help them get the children any emergency medical care that they may need and more. You will forever be part of Madalyn, Gracie Kelli, Sophie, Sawyer and Kenyon's lives.

Thank you and I will keep you posted!


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