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Saturday, January 30, 2010


They are officially free and clear! They are now on their own and ready to start their journey here in America. Trevor says they are arranging flights and should be home in a couple days. There are 3 beautiful children waiting at home to welcome home their new siblings!

Crapo Family
Established January 30, 2010
Trevor, Lindsay
Gabrielle, Gavin
Gage, Sawyer
Sofie, Gracie
Madalyn and Kenyon



Schofields said...

Thank you for your posts about Trevor and Lindsay! Can't wait to know they're all home!

Nicki said...

I have been following all of your posts and sending many prayers for Trevor, Lindsay and all the kids. I have tears of happiness in my eyes right now, knowing that all of this part of the journey to becoming a family is over for them. I wish them the best of luck in the coming days, weeks and months as they learn to be a family together and pray that things are easier for them all.

And I just want to add that you better spoil those kids rotten for all of us who have been following their story on the edge of our seats!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting all the effort into keeping us updates. We are so proud of Linds and Trevor! They well be exhausted and we can't wait to welcome their family home.

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