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Monday, January 25, 2010


I am feeling a bit better now. I talked to Trevor and Lindsay this evening and we were able to find a link to some official words on the temporary freeze to add to the info they already have. It sounds like Haiti is working with UNISEF to make sure that all adpotions are being processed properly...(which is what we figured,) but that it could be a short term freeze. Trevor is very hopeful that it will be up and running very soon and is even hoping for tomorrow. On the sidebar I have posted a link to the Joint Council's website where they explain the freeze. They are urging all adpotive parents to continue preparing for the humanitarian parole process.

Trevor and Lindsay shared stories of the amazing spirit of the Haitain people. She told me that today she played soccer with the children. They laughed and giggled and had a wonderful time! She also said that she was able to sit with about 15 kids and share a Coca Cola with them. She said she would hold up the Coke and the children would sing..."COCA COLA...COCA COLA!" and then they would each take a sip of the Coke. This continued until the cola was gone. What joy from such a simple thing!


Dozen Senses said...

I'm sorry it's so complicated. "Enduring to the end" sure takes on a literal meaning at times like this. They must be absolutely exhausted, but it sounds like the adrenaline is still happening. During the l...o...n...g, tedious process to reach the right outcome, it's obvious they're being sustained by their hearts & souls. Only the best of people can endure what they're handling.

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