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Friday, January 29, 2010

"We are coming home"

What an emotional roller coaster! Last night things were not looking so good and this morning they are arranging to come home!

I do not have many details as of right now because they said they were so busy getting things ready to go they would give info a bit later. I am sure that they are really busy and filled with unbelievable joy! Last night there seemed to be another roadblock. There was some confusion about where their files had ended up and where the person was who was suppose to sign the final documents. It is my understanding that the US Ambassader had a meeting this morning with the Haitian gov. about some concerns of the process of getting the children out of Haiti. As you have seen, from day to day things change. It is my understanding...AND I DO STRESS....UNDERSTANDING that the French and Canadian Gov. have been able to get their children out of the country but the process for most Americans has been very difficult. There are several possible reasons for, the US told the Haitian Gov that they would honor their request to sign off on all adpoted children before they left the country. This of course makes sense and should be the case. I don't think however, that the French and Canadians had that agreement. But the problems lie in the unorganized structure of the government and process itself.

There was some confusion yesterday that the files were lost and that new copies needed to be made. They had been told that the Haitian official who was to sign off on the files had left the country and may not be back for a week. Late last night someone affiliated with the State Dept. spoke with Lindsay and she was informed that a meeting was to take place this morning regarding the adoption situation. It seems that the Haitian official was either back in town or had never left.

In true "Lindsay" style, she headed back down to the US Embassy this morning, as she has done every morning, to fight for these children.

This is the text I received this morning at 6:39 am- "It finally happened. We are coming home!"


Liz said...

Kelli, I am so thrilled for Trevor and Lindsay, I wanted to let you know that I have loved that you have kept us updated on the exciting news, it just show that faith and prayers are answered. You must be so excited. Thank you for sharing all of this, it is a moving experience. Thinking of you and all of your family!! Liz

kelli said...

Hi Kelli. I am Lindsay's visiting teacher in Pocatello. I'm so glad that you've kept us all up to date on this amazing adventure. I've sent your blog link out to a good portion of our ward here. We're all praying for this sweet family, and hope that you'll continue to update us whenever you get new info.
Kelli Swaner

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