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Friday, February 19, 2010


What a nice day I had today. I spent the day at the park today with some of my favorite people. Ker, Julie, Juleen, Lezlie and Angie, (even if I only saw them for a minute!) My kids actually had a really good time despite the fact that they are 7, 11 and 14! It seems that at about 5 or 6 they start to loose interest but today was great. Brady and his friend Lukas skateboarded and wow! Those boys have no fear! They rode down the hill and around the trail at a nerve racking speed. It was actually kind of funny to watch the looks on the faces of the Moms with young children. They looked at the boys as if they were a little annoyed that they were using the trail to skateboard. :) I remember feeling like I had to protect my little ones from the "big boys" who were riding recklessly around the little ones. My how time does fly!

Julie and I sat on the grass and soaked in the warm sunshine as Sydnee and Shaelyn (Julie's daughter,) rode around on their bikes. Sydnee had to go to the bathroom, which was on the other side of the park of course. I told her that she needed to hop on her bike and go quickly so she didn't have an accident. She told me, "It's OK Mom! I have yellow shorts on anyway!"
From the mouth of babes! Except she isn't really a baby anymore! Hehehe! But she is our little comedian and always has something off the wall or quick witted to say.

Karli and Shelby, (Julie's oldest daughter,) spent the time taking pictures of themselves. (Of course.) This has become a favorite past time of theirs. :) Too cute.

What a nice relaxing day!


Dozen Senses said...

Two words: "Yellow Pants". That Sydnee-story will make me laugh forever, along with "Man Toes". And remember, your friend Keri is one momma of little ones at the park who is not annoyed or worried in the least about your "big" boys & their stuff. I love seeing those boys in action, so full of enthusiasm for life, full speed ahead, with just the biggest smiles on their faces.

By MelCole of PA said...

Hi Mommy Kelli! I got an award for you and hope you'll grab it. Here's the link:

God Bless to your family!

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